IT Infrastructure Design in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

You are a smart business person but do you really know what your business needs are for your computer network and IT Infrastructure? Do network terms and computer acronyms leave you feeling like you are swimming in alphabet soup? Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to get a handle on your computer network? Or perhaps you are a network administrator that is spending your time troubleshooting and fixing IT problems.

You need to spend your time on your role in the business but you also need to make sure that your network keeps up with your business’ needs. That is where MicroServe Consulting can help you.

MicroServe Helps You Get a Firm Grasp on Your IT Infrastructure Requirements

MicroServe Consulting has been helping businesses in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and Washington DC design and implement their Computer and Network Infrastructure since 1991. MicroServe has built networks that go all the way around the world and networks that are contained in an office suite; networks that use only data and networks that have phones, voice, data, and video running on them simultaneously. Small or Large your network is well within the scope of our experience.

But MicroServe’s experience doesn’t stop at networks; we also build server rooms and data centers. This includes determining the power, cooling, UPS, and generator requirements for the site, building the room, procuring the equipment, implementing the solution, and commissioning.

And since we built, own, and operate our Data Center in Gaithersburg, MD we are intimately familiar with servers, operating systems, tape backup, disk-to-disk backup, SQL, Exchange, off-site data replication, administration, and help desk support to name a few.

We can design an IT Infrastructure for your business that fits your current needs and allows for expansion in the future. The network will be sized properly for the services that you run now and plan to implement. And the entire process can be done in a phased approach implementing the critical parts of your Infrastructure first then other components as time and budget allows.