Digital and IP Phone Systems (Zultys and NEC) for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

Phones Systems (Zultys and NEC)Every call counts. That’s why your organization needs a reliable communication system sized for your needs. But reliable calls are only a start. You need a system that can help your organization be more efficient and automate mundane tasks. You need a communication solution that will propel your operations forward while costing you less.

MicroServe provides IP and Digital Phone Systems for business communication for single or multiple office locations in MD, VA, and the Washington DC Metro Areas. We cover your IT Needs!

Older Phone Systems Costs You Money

Your older phone system could be costing you more than you realize. Switching to a new phone system can reduce your monthly costs; lipaying for itself in a short time. Advanced features, such as VoIP, voice mail, call recording, Call Analyst, and follow me call routing, will let your organization streamline operations and extend your phone system beyond the office. There are many telecom services available (IP, VoIP, SIP, POTS, Analog, Digital, PRI, T1, T3, MPLS) but no one service is right for everyone, contrary to what some manufactures want you to believe. You need a partner that is looking out for you, not themselves.

You May Be Able to Upgrade and Save Money

Phone systems from MicroServe are truly next generation telephony systems and are designed to handle all the voice application needs in today’s business environment. Unlike other systems on the market that are based on a single technology, our phone systems are the state of the art and use all available technologies to fit your businesses needs. Our phone systems have user and management interfaces that reduce or eliminate service calls to perform routine tasks such as adding, changing, or deleting users, lines, and voice mail boxes.

Our systems helps "Future Proof" your business’ phone needs by allowing features and capacity to be added by simply adding cards or software licenses rather than costly complete system upgrades. For example, you can upgrade from an NEC UX5000 key system to a Univerge SV8100 PBX and keep your existing cards and handsets. You can even add some new cordless handsets to your WiFi network.

Using NEC, Cisco, and Zultys Phone Systems you can reduce the cost of voice services by:

  • - Reducing Cost of Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity
  • - Maintaining one data network rather than two separate
  • - Bypass the long distance carrier by sending voice calls over the data network (VoIP, SIP)
  • - Single cable termination to the desktop
  • - Voicemail to provide Auto Attendant and automated Call Routing
  • - Music on Hold (MOH) to sell your services to waiting callers
  • - Reduced expenses by deploying main office features to remote personnel

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