Computer Hardware and Software in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro Areas

Having the right computer and network hardware and software can make all the difference to your organization. Under-powered equipment can cause operational bottlenecks, or worse: failures. Purchasing hardware that is more powerful than you need puts unnecessary strain on finances. Incompatibilities between Operating Systems and Software Versions can cause even more headaches and operational issues.

MicroServe's Equipment Procurement May Save You Money

Don’t spend more than you need to buying overpriced hardware from software vendors or from questionable online stores. Avoid hardware vendors pushing products they need to unload but don’t really fit your needs. You need a partner who will stand behind their products and their prices. Buying what you don’t need hurts your organization.

MicroServe Consulting works closely with you to ensure you have the right IT Hardware and Software to run your organization with maximum efficiency. We understand your organization has unique needs and concerns. After meeting with you, we’ll recommend the right size & capability hardware to meet your current needs while allowing for reasonable growth.

Our attention to detail, broad experience, years of experience, and high level of customer service resonates with our customers. Let us help you by recommending the right technology products your organization needs to succeed.

MicroServe Consulting can meet or beat most prices you find on hardware and software. We have partnerships with the major vendors listed below:

  • - MicroSoft
  • - Sonicwall
  • - Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • - Schneider Electric (APC)
  • - NEC
  • - Cisco
  • - Dell
  • - Intel
  • - ICC
  • - Amp
  • - Plantronics
  • - Symantec
  • - Seagate
  • - Adaptec
  • - Converged Network Services Group (CNSG)
  • - Verizon & XO Communications
  • - Adobe